Visual Storytelling

We live in the age of visual communication. “Visual Storytelling” will give participants insight and understanding about how to tell a powerful and exciting story through images. Afternoon workshops in small groups will give participants practical experience that will benefit their professional work.This Forum is for professionals in the film, entertainment, advertising and marketing industries.


Neville Page

Founder of The Vis Dev Factory

Neville Page is a creature and concept designer who has worked with such luminaries as Steven Spielberg on Minority Report and Falling Skies, Ridley Scott on Prometheus, James Cameron on Avatar, J.J. Abrams onStar TrekStar Trek Into DarknessSuper 8 and Cloverfield.

Setting out for Hollywood at the age of 17, Page survived on small acting gigs in day-time soaps like General Hospital while putting together an increasingly impressive art portfolio. He performed as a stand-up comedian at the Ice House and the Improv to pay for his training at the Art Center College of Design. Page graduated with honors in 1990 and immediately started a design consultancy with his roommate, who would eventually become his best friend and studio partner, Scott Robertson.

After a number of years in his successful consulting firm, he set his sights on education and became a leading instructor in Suisse as well as in the United States. Not only was he a professor of art and design education at a number of colleges, but he also was an Assistant Chair of the Product Design Department at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He also was instrumental in the development of the art curriculum at Art Center, the Gnomon School of visual Effects and the Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. He currently a Board Member at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects.
In addition to formal education experience as a professor, Neville speaks all over the world sharing his experience and insights into the design field and film industry specifically.
He is currently very involved with both Saga and Axis as a consultant, speaker and educational advisor.

Beyond his feature film credits, Neville is currently involved as a design consultant for the entertainment, toy, and automotive industries; and is developing his own line of educational art products.

Your design, need to be visually different, but it has to work.


You need draw well and your muscle share reputation with your brain. 


To be a designer, you need be able to decide what it right.


Tim Flattery

Chair of the Entertainment Design department, Art Center College of Design

Mr. Flattery is a multi-talented creative concept artist and designer with expertise in concept development, design, fabrication and story for the entertainment industry. In a career spanning more than 25 years, he has worked on some of the biggest films for some of the most famous directors in the world including Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Michael Bay.  Among the number of highly anticipated films he has worked on are Star Trek 3, Tomorrowland and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Previously he has designed and overseen full size construction of custom vehicles such as the Batmobile for Batman Forever, The Fantasticar for Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, the Amphibicopter and other vehicles for A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, he has raised the creative bar with acclaimed design work on award winning and blockbuster films including Saving Private Ryan, Men In Black 1-2, Transformers, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hunger Games, Spiderman 2 and many, many others. He has also done creative work for Walt Disney Imagineering, Chimera Design, EA Games and Spinmaster in the area of theme parks, resorts and games.

Beyond his career as a concept designer in the film industry, Mr Flattery is Chair of Entertainment Design at the famous Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. He has created a curriculum for new aspiring talent that dream of becoming Concept Artists and prepares them for this most competitive industry.

A piece of hardware need to be their own character. 


You need be able translate what you do in 2D to 3D.


To be a designer, you need broader knowledge, design things reasonable.


Ken Aguado

Professor of Film/TV Department at Art Center College of Design

Ken Aguado is currently an independent producer in partnership with director DJ Caruso. Their most recent collaboration is the just completed film STANDING UP, written and directed by Caruso. Mr. Aguado has produced several other films as well including THE SALTON SEA, directed by Caruso and starring Val Kilmer and Vincent D’Onofrio for Warner Bros. TICKER starring Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper for USA Network. CRAZY AS HELL, staring Eriq La Salle and Michael Beach, which was distributed theatrically by Artistic License. Mr. Aguado also produced SEXUAL LIFE, written and directed by Ken Kwapis, starring Anne Heche, Tom Everett Scott and Elizabeth Banks.

Prior to his producing career Mr. Aguado was President of Kings Road Entertainment until he sold the company in the fall of 1999. Prior to Kings Road Mr. Aguado was the President of Miller-Boyett Productions at Warner Bros from 1992 through 1995. At Miller-Boyett he was in charge of supervising all development activities. During that period Miller-Boyett had four series on the air including FULL HOUSE, PERFECT STRANGERS and STEP BY STEP.

Prior to Miller-Boyett Productions Mr. Aguado was Sr. Vice President of the Badham/Cohen/Group at Universal Pictures from 1990 through 1992. At Badham/Cohen/Group Mr. Aguado was involved in all aspects of film development, production as well as supervision of the creative staff. During his tenure the company produced BIRD ON A WIRE, starring Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, THE HARD WAY, starring Michael J. Fox and James Woods and DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY starring Jason Scott Lee.


Produced Credits

2014 “Miracle on 42nd Street” (in post) (exec producer) Miracle on 42nd St, Inc.

2014 “The Italian American Cook” series (writer/director) Hard Rock Ent.

2013 “Standing Up” (exec producer) ARC Entertainment

2011 “The Italian American Cook” series (writer/director) Hard Rock Ent.

2007 “Woof” (writer/director) Double Edge Family

2005 “Sexual Life (producer) Showtime Network

2002 “The Salton Sea (producer) Warner Bros

2002 “Crazy as Hell (producer) Artistic License

2001 “Ticker” (producer) USA Network

Mr. Aguado was born and raised in Westchester County in New York. He attended Tulane University in New Orleans where he graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Talk about your story ideas, ultimately the goal is to get your listener to visualize your project in their mind.


In Hollywood it is often said that nothing else matters but the story.