2017 "Innovations that Transform the World" Design Conference | GAME CHANGER

Animation Movies/ VR | Transportation Design | Successive Read

Animation Movies / VR

Entertainment Design at ArtCenter

Dr. Lorne Buchman

How to make people laugh?

David James

How to make people laugh?

Eric Darnell

How to make people laugh?

Alex Schwartz

Transportation Design

Transportation Design at ArtCenter

Dr. Lorne Buchman

Creating a brand in the automotive industry

Manfred Fitzgerald

Experience reshapes Design

Shao Jingfeng

Car Design:Philosophy/Smart Tech/Conflict/Loyalty

Frank Stephenson

“Spirit of the Brand” and the Future

Daniel Darancou

Future Trends in Automotive Design

Eric Gallina

Successive Read

Dr. Lorne Buchman

Successive Read

Andy Ogden

Lynda.com-A Creative Union

Bruce Heavin

Design, Art, Culture and Technology

Pro. Li Zexiang

Unlocking the new pathways for creative innovations to grow.

Mike Simonian

Game Changer

Liu De

Presence in VR

Edward Saatchi

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