2016 "Innovations that Transform the World"Design Forum

Competitive Advantage | Scalable Value | Virtual Experience

Competitive Advantage

This session features three world-renown transportation designers who have led design at many of the major car companies in the world.
They discussed how design innovation, more than technology, gives companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
They also presented their ideas about why creativity needs to be a driving force in every part of successful companies.

Scalable Value

In this session we heard from innovative leaders from world-famous companies such as Disney, Nike and Mi Phone.
The focus of the conversation are how companies can expand their market share, often leading to a successful public offering.
They also discussed how design strategy is essential to entering new markets.

Virtual Experience & Storytelling

Some of the greatest innovation of the last ten years has occurred in creating new immersive experiences for users,
including driving, interacting with products, visual storytelling, and virtual reality technology.In this session,
experts in these fields who discussed how to create experiences that attract and excite customers.

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