ArtCenter Institute of Design (ACID) is the exclusive partner of ArtCenter College of Design for the purpose of creating educational opportunities in China. From this partnership, ACID has the unique advantage of bringing many famous designers from the prestigious ArtCenter to China. ACID also has a strategic partnership with the Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC). Beginning in 2014, ACID held nine “Create Change Design Forums” in China attracting participants from over 100 Chinese companies. Based on the great success and popularity of the “Create Change Design Forums,” ACID is expanding its educational platforms in China.

ACID offers short forums for the leadership teams of individual companies, focusing on the process of innovation, business and branding strategy, and design management. Also, ACID offers workshops for company designers to introduce the theory and practice of good design and the importance of effective presentations. Finally, ACID also holds events for students in order to prepare them for professional design careers.

Starting in 2016, ACID will launch a new opportunity for companies to learn from the professional expertise of prominent ArtCenter alumni and faculty. ACID will work with Chinese companies in a consulting partnership to build a culture of innovation and to give the companies a competitive advantage. Based on the company’s needs and goals, ACID will put together a unique team of designers and business strategists to work with company leadership and designers on specific company projects or to help launch a new creative vision and strategy.

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2017 “Create Change” Design Forums · Beijing

Exclusive Forums

Transportation Design

- Autonomous driving
- eco-system & trends
- Styling & Consumer experience


- evolution of VR industry
- experience design
- storytelling

Animation Movies

- Cry or laugh
- production/storytelling/directing



Game Changer

Successive Read


* Exclusive Forums access to executives and industry experts, educators only.


2016 "Innovations that Transform the world" Design Conference